Chemical Fundamentals Training


This company, “Brightview Technology Limited”, provide “Training for Industry” in the area of “Process Functional Safety” to ensure that the staff operating the plants are fully aware of the relevant safety standards i.e. IEC 61508 and IEC 61509.

Protection systems are designed and installed in the plant to protect personnel, plant and the environment from hazardous situations which may arise such as explosions, toxic emissions, fires, overflows etc.

Safety Instrumented Systems are one of the Layers of Protection frequently employed in industrial plants to prevent or mitigate such hazards.

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is a system which takes automated action to keep a plant or process in a safe state when abnormal conditions occur.

 They are often a complex configuration of electrical, electronic and/or programmable electronic devices such as sensors, computer-controller and final control elements installed in a plant to provide an independent system of protection at a particular level of integrity against a hazard which may arise in the plant or process.

 In these courses you will learn from first principles how to design such safety circuits and mathematically verify the level of protection provided.



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